Discover how effectively you can ‘pause’ and get personalised recommendations to improve your mental wellbeing.

This free, confidential assessment helps identify how well you are able to ‘pause’ - how well you create space in your life and are able to go within for calmer clarity. Assessing you in five capabilities, the test helps you develop a more granular understanding of how your habits and behaviours are linked to your emotional health, and identifies what you can do to change.

Slow Down

Giving yourself the permission to slow down and even stop is essential. It usually requires a changed narrative to cultural expectation and provides the space to allow other pause modalities flourish.

Understand You

When we understand ourselves at a deeper level, we allow our inner wisdom to surface and identify with our intuition. Pause practices in this category gather self-understanding, uncover layers than deepen our practice.

Cultivate Calm

Clarity surfaces in the moments of calm. When we can find the means to cultivate calm within ourselves, we open ourselves up to more creativity and possibility.

Enhance Energy

Understanding the relationship between our pause practices and our energy, results in self-awareness that will drive momentum at a sustainable pace. In turn, enhancing our energy, increases our capability to pause.

Regular Rhythm

A rhythm is a soothing state of flow that starts to sustain itself. When we create regular rhythms and rituals, we free up the mind to be more calm and improve our confidence in our ability to continuously pause.

Work to improve

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses in each of these categories is the first step, but taking action to change your habits and behaviours is the real work that will transform how you operate day to day. Your report will provide you with recommendations to uplevel in each category at three different levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced.

You can take your journey to pause as far and as deep as you like.

Are you ready to truly pause?

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Your overall Pause Capability Score will be shown immediately and you will then be e-mailed a personalised report with a breakdown of your different scores in each category.

Embrace powerful pausing to improve your wellbeing

Discover, reflect and take action to mobilse your personal pause practice to feel a stronger sense of calm, intuition and self-trust day-to-day.